2012 Agenda

Advanced Manufacturing

Strengthening the Pipeline

Advanced manufacturing is a cornerstone of America’s economy, providing middle-class jobs and driving exports, national security innovation, and more sustainable production. This Working Group will support ecosystems that attract and grow manufacturing companies through collaborative strategies, including national partnerships, regional clusters, urban initiatives, and new technology. This group will tackle the challenges manufacturers face along the pipeline, from product conception to point-of-sale.


Innovation Public-private partnerships, industry consortiums, and accessible digital tools, will transition cutting-edge discoveries into break-through products and will keep US manufacturers competitive globally.

Competitiveness along the Supply Chain From OEMs to at-home-designers, manufacturers can adopt technological tools including open source software, additive manufacturing, and simulation computing, to reduce time to market, enhance innovation, and increase competitiveness.

Environmental and Economic Sustainability Manufacturing firms are increasingly finding a connection between environmental and economic sustainability, and embracing green chemistry and biomimicry design as cost-cutting or innovation mechanisms.

Exports Coordinated regional strategies to identify globally competitive industries, provide required capital, and connect small and medium sized manufacturers to export markets, can promote commercialization and production.

Skilled Workforce Industry partnerships with economic development corporations, high schools, community colleges, and universities, along with internships and apprenticeship programs, support the skilled workforce required for a robust manufacturing economy.