2013 Agenda



3:00 PM -

9:00 PM


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Topic Dinners

7:45 PM -

9:30 PM


Digital Badges: Unlocking 2 Million Better Futures

Hosted by MacArthur Foundation

Join civic, education, corporate, and digital technology leaders for an overview of digital badges and how this new method of academic and career assessment will expand pathways to success for 1 million workers and 1 million students by 2016. Learn how digital badges are successfully being used in Chicago to document learning that takes place outside the classroom, and how a credible, secure, and widespread badging system will better measure and credential the competencies most in demand in today's connected world.

Refueling the American Economy: Leveraging Cleaner, Cheaper Transportation Fuels

Hosted by Fuel Freedom Foundation

The United States is more dependent on imported petroleum than ever before. At this Topic Dinner, learn how the Fuel Freedom Foundation is working to promote the development of cheaper, cleaner American-made fuels. Hear how these advances can lead to lower fuel prices for the American consumer, spur economic growth, create jobs, combat poverty, curb pollution, and improve national and global security. As worldwide demand for these fuels continues to rise, the FFF will discuss how they are working to reduce commercial and regulatory barriers to competition, and cultivate existing domestic technological advances and resources, to help the nation achieve long-term prosperity.

The Competitive Edge: Strengthening Operational Excellence

Hosted by Toyota

For decades, many U.S. manufacturers have been struggling to operate profitably in an increasingly competitive market. Closing the competitive gap through operational excellence can lead to streamlined production, increased productivity, and strengthened employment. This Topic Dinner will take a close look at how Toyota developed a revolutionary set of operating principles that have allowed it to thrive in an uncertain economy. The program will also explore Toyota's decision to share its critical insights through its subsidiary, the Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC), which has provided on-site support to hundreds of manufacturers throughout North America. Hear from Toyota General Manager Jamie Bonini as well as other U.S. manufacturers who will discuss how applying the lessons they have learned can have a transformative impact in many sectors.


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