CGI America | #CGIAmerica 2013 Meeting Report

CGI America brought together more than 1,000 business leaders from across society. Check out some of the highlights and results of the meeting.

2013 Meeting Report

On June 13-14, President Bill Clinton hosted the third meeting of CGI America in Chicago to drive action on economic recovery in the United States. He was joined by nearly 1,000 leaders from across sectors to develop concrete solutions for a wide array of economic and social challenges, ranging from employment and workforce training to community development and energy security.

The collective efforts of CGI America 2013 attendees resulted in the announcement of 74 new commitments. In addition, President Clinton announced the progress of several outstanding 2011 and 2012 commitment-makers, whose work has already impacted more than one million lives.

Throughout the meeting, attendees engaged in interactive, content-specific Working Groups that convened several times over the two days. These group discussions provided opportunities to share knowledge, build partnerships, and generate commitment ideas that support long-term economic benefits for all Americans. Attendees also participated in a dynamic selection of breakout sessions, uniquely formatted to serve as platforms for sharing new perspectives and addressing timely cross-cutting issues.

To help guide their work, attendees heard from a variety of thought leaders and innovators across multiple Plenary Sessions, including:

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    Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State of the United States, who presented a three-part plan for her work at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. View her full remarks »
  • President Clinton and Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, who spoke to achieving medium- and long-term deficit reduction in America's resilient economy. View the complete discussion »
    President Clinton and Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey, who closed the meeting with a conversation on Superstorm Sandy and the role of collaboration and cooperation in natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. View the full conversation »

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Meeting Results

These Commitments to Action are new, specific, and measurable plans for addressing a significant challenge area. No matter the size or scope, these commitments turn the ideas and work of the CGI community into tangible results by scaling existing successful initiatives or developing new partnerships across different sectors.

The new CGI America 2013 Commitments to Action represent diverse solutions to a number of issues facing Americans today. Some examples include:

Mobilizing STEM Professionals to Mentor Students
US2020 and partners commit to launch the US2020 City Competition, where cities and counties will develop and submit plans to significantly increase the number of local STEM professionals who mentor students.
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Designing Recovery:
Envision the Future by Building It Now

The St. Bernard Project, The American Institute of Architects, Architecture for Humanity, The Dow Chemical Company, and Make It Right Foundation commit to launch an open-sourced design competition to improve post-disaster recovery and housing in three communities: Joplin, Missouri; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Queens, New York.
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Cultivating Union Manufacturing Jobs
in the Rust Belt

Renewable Manufacturing Gateway (RMG), AFL-CIO, and Ares Management commit to launch a $500 million fund to invest in approximately 50 manufacturing companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, creating over 5,500 union manufacturing and skilled trade jobs by 2017.
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Impact of CGI America 2013 Commitments

When fully funded and implemented

More than
2,000,000 Lives
will be directly affected

More than
212,000 Students
will gain access to STEM education opportunities
More than
10,000 Jobs
will be created or filled, of which
nearly 1,500 are green jobs

More than
$190 MILLION Of New Capital
will be invested in green initiatives
More than
$1.4 BILLION Of new capital
will be invested in or loaned to small- and medium-sized enterprises

More than
1.2 MILLION Metric tons of
greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) will be avoided, mainly through building retrofits and energy efficiency efforts

2013 Working Groups

CGI America 2013 brought together nearly 1,000 business, nonprofit, foundation, and government leaders, bringing their invaluable knowledge and expertise from across sectors.

Attendees were able to focus their efforts through content-specific Working Groups of their choosing. These smaller group discussions convened multiple items over the two days of the meeting, and provided a collaborative forum to generate ideas and commitments around each Working Group's area of focus:

Community Investing

Early Childhood Education

Financial Inclusion

High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Infrastructure Financing for Cities


Reconnecting Youth

Renewable & Distributed Energy

Residential Energy Efficiency

Small Business

STEM Education

Workforce Development

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Plenary Session Highlights


American Dreams, American Realities: Achieving Economic & Social Mobility


American Adaptability: People, Places, and Enterprise


Together We Can: Driving a Future of Shared Responsibility and Shared Benefit


A conversation between President Bill Clinton and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew


2013 Commitment Announcement: Joint Wind Power Development Project on Tribal Lands


CGI America 2013 Closing Remarks by President Bill Clinton

CGI Conversations hosted by Bloomberg TV

Moderated by Trish Regan, host of Street Smart on Bloomberg TV, CGI America's 2013 broadcast partner Bloomberg News filmed two segments covering economic growth in the United States:


Getting Capital Off the Sidelines: Investing in America

Gary D. Cohn, president and COO of Goldman Sachs; Mark Cuban, founder of Mark Cuban Companies; and Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to the President at The White House discussed how to engage business and government leaders to improve America's lending to small businesses.


America's Energy Future:
Promoting Economic Growth and Security

Wesley Clark, chairman and CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates; Ellen Kullman, chair of the board and CEO of Dupont; and Jim Rogers, chairman, president, and CEO of Duke Energy Corporation discussed how the U.S. can responsibly develop its domestic energy supply to promote energy independence, encourage economic growth, and enhance national security.

CGI America Heading to Denver


President Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton announced that the 2014 CGI America Meeting will be held in Denver, Colorado.

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Visual Notes

Throughout CGI America 2013, Inkfactory—an organization that uses artists to transcribe words into hand-drawn images—created a visual representation of the ideas being developed in various meeting sessions.

Visualized by

2011 & 2012
Commitment Progress

The success of CGI America 2013 was built on the continued dedication and shared vision of the CGI community to drive action on economic recovery in the United States. A total of 212 Commitments to Action were made in 2011 and 2012, with an estimated total value of over $13.4 billion when fully funded and implemented. More than half of these commitments were finalized in the months following the CGI America meetings, and many were developed out of Working Group sessions.

Status of CGI America 2011 & 2012 Commitments

More than
1,000,000 Lives
have been directly affected

400,000 Children
have gained access to improved quality of education
More than
100,000 Jobs
have been created or filled

$120 MILLION Of New Capital
has been invested or loaned to small- and medium-sized enterprises
More than
550,000 People
have benefited from professional skills training

10 MILLION Metric tons of
greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) have been avoided

The metrics listed above have been calculated from the impact data submitted by the commitment-makers in their progress reports.


Progress Reports

In April 2013, commitment-makers submitted progress reports to CGI, where they measured the success of their commitments against their original goals. These reports also documented challenges and highlighted potential partnership opportunities. A selection of these commitment progress reports can be found below.

California Best Buildings Challenge

Commitment by: U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

In 2012, the USGBC and the USGBC-Northern California Chapter committed to launch the California Best Buildings Challenge (CBBC), calling on property owners, managers, and tenants to achieve 20 percent reductions in energy, water, and waste in two years. To date, 14 companies have taken on the CBBC.

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Financial Stability for Low- and Moderate-Income Employees

Commitment by: ideas42

In 2012, ideas42 committed to pilot the Employee Financial Stability Package, a cutting-edge program designed from behavioral research insights that helps employees better plan their finances. To date, ideas42 has completed a "pre-pilot" test and has made significant progress in refining a prototype of the product.

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Expanding the Vacants to Value Initiative

Commitment by: City of Baltimore

In 2012, the City of Baltimore committed to eliminate 3,000 vacant residential buildings over three years. To date, nearly 100 properties have been rehabilitated and more than 40 have been demolished, and the commitment built two additional partnerships with exemplary developers.

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Redefining Rural and Native American STEM Education

Commitment by: PAST Foundation

In 2012, the PAST Foundation committed to improve STEM education in rural and Native American reservation schools in South Dakota through the Trans-disciplinary Problem-Based Learning (T-PBL) model, seeking to train 450 teachers and reach 7,800 students. To date, the program has been adopted in four school districts.

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