2013 Working Groups

CGI America participants each contribute to a topic-specific Working Group of their choosing. These groups will convene multiple times over the two days and provide opportunities to share knowledge, build partnerships, and generate commitments around the group's area of focus.

Community Investing

Catalyzing The Next Generation of Community Development Finance

Developing innovative capital investment strategies will help to expand community development programs that grow local economies. Participants in this Working Group will identify actionable approaches to build the community investing market through increased research, industry education, and financial product development and expansion. Read More »


Early Childhood Education

Investing in High Quality Early Learning

Few investments have a higher potential return and greater societal benefit than Early Childhood Education (ECE). This Working Group will seek to develop commitments that increase both the quality of ECE programs and the number of children and families that benefit from them. Read More »


Financial Inclusion

Strengthening the Financial Future for Americans

Financial insecurity has been a persistent challenge for middle- and working-class families. This working group will examine a range of cross-sector strategies to rebuild household assets, increase savings and move families toward a stable financial path. Read More »


High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Building Ecosystems for Growth

Young companies are not only leaders in innovation, they are also responsible for nearly all net job creation in the United States over the last 30 years. This Working Group will explore lessons learned from across the country and discuss how organizations from a variety of sectors can help their community's start-ups flourish. Read More »


Infrastructure Financing for Cities

Mobilizing Private Investment in Public Infrastructure

Investing in public infrastructure accelerates local economies, provides quality jobs, and improves public services. This Working Group will explore financing strategies for multiple forms of municipal infrastructure, with special focus given to the creation of institutions that attract and deploy private capital and the selection and preparation of projects for investment. Read More »



Accelerating Innovation and Strengthening Competitiveness

Strengthening the competitiveness of the United States’ manufacturing sector is essential in efforts toward economic recovery. This Working Group will focus on high-growth industries in advanced manufacturing, research and investment pipelines, reshoring initiatives, and the evolving manufacturing workforce. Read More »


Reconnecting Youth

Creating Pathways to Education and Employment

6.7 million youth, ages 16 to 24, are disconnected from school and employment in the United States today. This Working Group will focus on increasing the number of employers engaged in the creation of career strategy and readiness on-ramps for demand-driven educational and career pathways. Read More »


Renewable & Distributed Energy

Advancing Localized, Sustainable Energy Solutions

To move toward a more diverse energy portfolio, U.S. electricity markets will need to accommodate new sources of power and adapt to an increasingly distributed system. This Working Group will discuss methods for advancing the adoption of innovative, cost-effective distributed energy solutions, including renewable energy sources and grid-enabling technologies. Read More »


Residential Energy Efficiency

Accelerating Energy Conservation in American Homes

Residential buildings account for 22 percent of the United States’ energy consumption and present a great market opportunity for energy efficient new construction and the retrofitting of existing buildings. This Working Group will look at financing tools, data use, consumer engagement strategies, and energy efficient technologies, with a particular eye toward low-income housing and local job creation. Read More »


Small Business

Paving the Way to Main Street Confidence

Small businesses employ half of the country's private sector workforce, but only half of small businesses survive for more than five years. This Working Group will explore strategies for improving business success rates and accelerating job creation. Read More »


STEM Education

Developing America's Next Generation of Innovators

Investing in STEM education is key to improving the long-term competitiveness of America's economy. This Working Group will highlight innovative and scalable approaches that address the greatest needs in STEM education. Read More »


Workforce Development

Building Public-Private Employment Partnerships

13 million Americans are currently unemployed. This Working Group will explore ways to connect out-of-work Americans with current job openings and better prepare them for future employment in the 21st century economy. Read More »