2014 Working Groups

Early Childhood Education

The Value of Investing in High-Quality Early Learning

The early years of a child’s development are critical building blocks that set the foundation for future success. Investing in high-quality early childhood education generates economic growth by improving health, education, and workforce outcomes. This Working Group will bring leaders together to identify approaches that ultimately increase learning opportunities for young children.


Parents and Caregivers Representing a child’s first teachers, parents and caregivers are responsible for critical primary learning opportunities. Participants will explore strategies to equip parents and caregivers with the knowledge, support, and networks needed to create an engaging learning environment.

High Quality Learning Access to high-quality learning has been shown to have great positive impacts on young children. Participants will focus on language development and play as means to enhancing skills development.

Early Childhood Workforce Strengthening the early learning workforce is critical to ensuring industries of high quality. Topics such as building the talent pipeline, providing educators with professional development, and improving retention will be addressed.

Financing and Technology Solutions The modernization of the early childhood field requires the application of appropriate financing and technology solutions. Participants will explore models and tools to expand access and strengthen the early childhood industry.

Innovative Commitments

First Book’s Stories For All--Launching Diversity Content
Commitment by: First Book
In 2013, First Book committed to curate and distribute Special Diversity Collections of new and culturally relevant content, stimulating the creation of new content by authors and illustrators from and for underserved populations. Through this commitment, over 1.3 million books will be distributed and 30,000 educators will be given permanent access to First Book’s ongoing supply of highest-quality resources.

Early Learning Ventures Alliances
Commitment by: Early Learning Ventures
In 2013, Early Learning Ventures and its partners committed to establish and expand statewide networks of Early Learning Ventures (ELV) Alliances. Each ELV Alliance includes approximately 100 early child care and education small businesses that collectively share technology and other support services aimed at strengthening financial and operational performance. The end outcome is to allow for more time and money to be dedicated to the delivery of high-quality early childcare and education.